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Our Approved Service Providers (ASPs) are certified for sterilisation and disinfection services in a wide range of commercial and public facilities covering all business sectors and have a strong reputations in providing quality service that you can trust.

At HPS, we give people the confidence to enjoy their environments. HPS Services are a national provider of high-end specialist deep cleaning services, with over ten years’ experience delivering “hygiene secure” spaces across multiple sectors. We believe passionately that everybody deserves a fantastic place to live, learn, work and stay, and our HPS Protect mobile teams can cover any UK location, providing Zoono residual anti-microbial treatments that will significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination in your environments. We have worked closely with Zoono since 2018, and no other provider has more experience than HPS in the delivery of these services within the UK.

OneSpray are UK and International distributors of technologically advanced, innovative products offering better protection to families, employees and customers.

Specialising in Supply Chain, Food and Drink Manufacture and Hospitality, Envirotec Protect if the specialist arm of Envirotec Integrated Services South East Limited. We work closely with Zoono to ensure we provide the best possible solutions for our clients to keep their premises operating and their wheels turning 24/7.

They have a wide variety of products at their disposal to ensure that your environment is sterilized and remains safe. 

The main tool in their box is Z71 Microbe shield. This innovative technology is designed to ensure surfaces are protected against infectious microorganisms for up to 30 days.

Zoono also has a revolutionary Hand Sanitiser (GF24) that provides a protective barrier for germ defence. GF24 is alcohol-free, non-staining and dermatologically tested.



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