How Zoono will Protect your Family

Zoono Hand Sanitiser helps reduce the transfer of germs via skin contact. We recommend using Zoono Hand Sanitiser as part of your daily routine. *Wipes currently not available in the UK and EU.  

Zoono Surface Sanitiser for Touch Points will reduce the risk of key areas around the home acting as points for cross contamination. Using Surface Sanitiser will reduce cross-contamination from visitors and other items brought in to the home.  Zoono Surface Sanitiser (Microbe Shield Z71) has food safety approvals in Australia and New Zealand, it is ultra gentle and okay to use around food.

  • Door Handles
  • Light Switches
  • Kitchen & Table Tops
  • Bottom of Hands Bags
  • Taps

Zoono Germ Fogger is an antibacterial fogging mist in a can. It works the same way as a flea-bomb, let it off then leave the room. An antibacterial mist will cover all surfaces in the room.  *GermFogger currently not available in the UK and EU.  

Zoono Regime

Using the Zoono routine will help provide your family with protection against the germs that make you sick via surface cross-contamination and skin-to-skin transfer.

Zoono technology is ultra-gentle and kills pathogens using a physical process. Read more about our long-lasting germ protection technology below.

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