The Zoono Family Panel

There is no doubt that the last few weeks have been a challenging time for many families as we have all been doing our best during the coronavirus crisis.

At Zoono, we have been working hard to supply our antimicrobial products to as many people as possible, helping lots of families up and down the country. But we don’t just want to stop there.

We want to go one step further in protecting the wellbeing of families by assembling four of the UK’s leading experts and using their wealth of experience and knowledge to give families advice and support over the coming weeks.

Meet our ‘Zoono Family Panel’, a group of leading experts who will be on hand to make life a little easier for parents, to give tips and advice, and to answer your questions.

Our experts are not only thought leaders in their fields of expertise but are also either parents themselves or work closely with children daily, so understand the challenges you’re facing.

The Family Panel includes:

  • A child and family psychologist to support children and parents through the challenges of living, working and schooling from home.
  • A registered dietitian, fitness and nutritional expert who can advise on healthy eating and keeping active during lockdown.
  • An Education Expert to offer guidance to parents and guardians, many of which have taken on the role of parent and teacher until children are back at school.
  • A Zoono germ expert, who will advise on keeping your home safe from bacteria and viruses and offer tips on how to avoid germs spreading indoors.

Meet Our Experts

Over the coming weeks our expert Family Panel will be sharing advice, guidance and expertise with you.

Sarah Almond Bushell

Registered Dietitian & Children’s Nutritionist

An expert with over 20 years experience working with families through the NHS and private practice.

Sarah supports families who are struggling with weaning their babies, managing their fussy eaters, or simply wanting to improve their diets. She offers healthy eating advice, plus support with issues such as food allergies, constipation, weight issues, diabetes and much more.

Part of her expertise is teaching about food parenting. This is how you act around food and your children to ensure they grow up to have a positive relationship with food.

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Natalie Costa

Education Expert and Former School Teacher

With a background in psychology, Natalie has also spent 12 years within the educational sector and is an accredited performance coach.

Natalie offers coaching to both children and parents to help give children as young as five years’ old the ‘power’ over their own thoughts and giving them the tools to help cope and thrive in the modern world.

Natalie supports families who are trying to juggle living, working and homeschooling all at once, offering advice on how to remain positive, structure the day, and help your children grow in confidence, feel happier and be more robust in dealing with the pressures they may be experiencing.

Her intention is always to be focused on helping one child at a time, to be as happy as they can be. She is thrilled to now share these strategies with you and your child as a part of the Zoono Family Panel.

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Hannah Abrahams

Child Psychologist & Education Expert

A Child and Educational Psychologist of 15 years, and previously a primary school teacher, Hannah is registered with the British Psychological Society and the Health and Care Professionals Body. 

Hannah works with parents to build a holistic picture of each child to help them reach their full potential in all aspects of their development.

As the child psychologist on the Zoono Family panel, she will be offering advice to parents to help them access their ‘Emotional Toolbox’, to build their resilience and adaptability to change, and to help them become even stronger in supporting their children through the challenges still to come. 

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Pippa Hobson

Zoono Germ Expert

A member of the Zoono family, Pip works within our experienced team of experts who know everything there is to know about germs and bacteria.

We understand how pathogens work and the best way to kill bacteria, viruses and all nasties from the skin and surfaces. Helping you to protect the wellbeing of your family is our priority.

With Pip as our spokesperson, we’ll offer the very best advice on how to keep your home safe and your family healthy.

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