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Prevent the spread of germs among kids and teachers with long-lasting germ protection.

What does this mean for your centre?

  • Cost Savings: One application of hand sanitiser lasts all day. Zoono surface sprays lasts up to 30 days. Our Early Childcare Classroom Packs can be used easily by you, your team or your existing cleaner. 

  • Fewer Colds, Flu & Viruses: Which means fewer distractions and thriving happy healthy kids.

  • Absenteeism reductions: Spend less time organising relieve teachers. Support parents who are struggling to take time off to look after sick children.

  • Minimise risk of outbreaks: Reduced risk of serious Illness and the avoid the financial impact that an outbreak could have on your business. Remember, they could be spreading bugs before showing symptoms, reduce the risk of spreading before it’s too late.

"I have worked in childcare for the past decade so I am constantly exposed to every form of illness you can imagine! These products CHANGED MY LIFE! I used to get sick with colds/flus/gastro 5-8 times a year minimum. For the past 2 years I have been using the hand sanitiser every single morning and in that time I haven’t been sick once!! Not even a runny nose!! It is literally a game changer. If we have an outbreak of something I spray door handles and keyboards etc and I swear I have single handedly saved my centre from numerous infections spreading. I recommend it to every parent that will listen, spray your kids hands in the morning before kindy each day. It’ll save the both of you many many many sick days!! Such an incredible product!!! It’s saving lives 👏🙌👏❤️ thank you thank you thank you!!!"- Customer Via Instagram


This pack contains:

  • 1x Hand Sanitiser 150mL

  • 1x Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser 250mL

  • 1x Germ Fogger Room Sanitiser 




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