The Complete Baby Bundle
The Complete Baby Bundle

The Complete Baby Bundle

The Zoono Baby Bundle is the perfect purchase for someone expecting a new addition to the family. Healthcare professionals all over the world trust our products to keep shared surfaces as protected as possible and with all these winter nasties around, our smallest and most vulnerable loved ones are best to avoid exposure to serious illnesses and strains.

Our water-based formulations are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

This pack contains everything you need to create a healthy sterile home for your baby:

  • Zoono Hand Sanitiser Foam 50mL is perfect for the nappy and your hospital bag
  •  A bottle of Hand Sanitiser 150mL near your front door for visitors.
  • The convenient Hand Sanitiser & Microbe Shield wipes have been designed to leave in your bag and around the home for wiping skin and surfaces such as phones. They're individually wrapped so you won't have to work about them drying out!
  • Use Zoono Microbe Shield All Purpose on common touch points such as door handles as well as kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces, and toys.
  • Two Germ Foggers (similar to a Flea Bomb). One for preparing the car (Automotive) which gets right into every exposed corner and filters through the air conditioning unit. And one for the lounge or baby's room to provide a hygienically fresh environment.
  • Finally, the Laundry Treatments is great for bibs, muslins, burp cloths, reusable nappies, towels and linen.

Each bundle includes:

Zoono Hand Sanitiser Foamer 50ml
Zoono Hand Sanitiser Foamer 150ml
Zoono Hand Sanitiser Wipes 20s
Zoono Microbe Shield All Purpose Wipes 20ea
Zoono Microbe Shield All Purpose Spray 150ml
Zoono Germ Fogger Automotive 100mL AU/NZ
Zoono Germ Fogger Room Sanitiser 100mL AU/NZ
Laundry Guard 2x 50mL Box

(Please note, additional non-Zoono items featured in photos are not included in this pack)

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