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Germ Fogger Automotive | 100mL

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Automotive Interior Surface & Air Conditioner Sanitiser. A 2-in-1 antibacterial misting treatment which sanitises and protects in just 6 minutes. 

  • Removes odour and kills bacteria
  • Sanitises air conditioning system

When deployed, Zoono forms a long-lasting covalent bond within the air conditioning ducts, filters and all other vehicle surfaces.

  • Kills 99.99% of germs & proven against a variety of pathogens
  • Long-lasting
  • Sanitises & protects all interior surfaces

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Turn engine on. Turn air conditioning on to full air recycle mode ensure all vents are opened fully. Ensure windows and doors are closed. Place aerosol upright on the floor or in a centralised place. Depress the dispenser cap until it locks into place. Exist immediately and close door behind you. Wait 10 minutes before re-entering (Please see label for full instructions).

Zoono Germ Fogger is part of our 'Professional Strength' range.



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