Healthy Hygienic Home Box
Healthy Hygienic Home Box

Healthy Hygienic Home Box

Keep the ones you love happy and healthy with the box to create a healthy hygienic home.

Bacteria, mould and algae pose a serious health threat to the ones we love. 

Each pack contains:

  • Microbe Shield All Purpose Spray & Wipes: For a 30 day antibacterial protective barrier.
  • Microbe Shield Room Deodoriser: To freshen rooms without overpowering fragrances by eliminating bacterial odours.
  • ZAM Surface Cleaner and Microbe Shield Mould Guard: Thoroughly clean surface to completely remove mould with ZAM THEN spray surface with Mould Guard to protect surfaces for up to 6 months.
  • Germ Fogger Room Sanitiser emits an antibacterial mist forming a protective barrier on all exposed surfaces and air conditioning units.
  • Hand Sanitiser will keep you and the family protected all day with just one application.
Zoono Hand Sanitiser Foamer 150ml
Zoono Germ Fogger Room Sanitiser 100ml
Zoono ZAM Surface Cleaner 250mL
Zoono Microbe Shield Room Deodoriser 250mL
Zoono Microbe Shield All Purpose 250ml
Zoono Microbe Shield Surface Wipes 20ea
Zoono Microbe Shield Mould Guard Spray 250ml

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