Home Essentials

Home Essentials

All the basics you need for a hygienic home!

Does it seem like you or someone in the family has been sick all season? 

For a fresh and truly clean home, the home essentials kit has everything you need to get started.

First carry out your usual cleaning procedures. Spray Microbe Shield All Purpose for a protective barrier on high risk areas such as door handles, remotes, kitchen and bathroom surfaces. The wipes are great for items such as a computer mouse, keyboard and remote. This invisible protective barrier will keep the house protected from germs for up to 30 days!

Germ Fogger Room Sanitiser emits an antibacterial mist forming a protective barrier on all exposed surfaces and air conditioning units.

Freshen the air and remove odours without overpowering fragrance with our Room Sanitiser which kills odour causing bacteria in the air. 

An essential kit wouldn't be complete without our iconic Hand Sanitiser which will keeps you and the family protected all day with just one application.

Zoono Hand Sanitiser Foamer 150ml
Zoono Germ Fogger Room Sanitiser 100mL AU/NZ
Zoono Microbe Shield Room Deodoriser 150mL
Zoono Microbe Shield All Purpose 150ml
Zoono Microbe Shield Surface Wipes 20ea

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