Zoono News 27 Oct 2020

Jamal McCleary @ 2020-10-27 15:15:30 +0000

Zoono News 27 Oct 2020

Scientific studies support the superior longevity benefits of Zoono products in the fight against threat of pathogens

Zoono are today able to provide more information regarding some media reports concerning the longevity claims of our products – and it’s good news for us and for our customers.

Efficacy and longevity confirmation and clarification

Whilst one of the UK Trading Standards regional offices (in Suffolk) did raise issues regarding labelling, these are now being fully addressed and we are confident they are being resolved. One issue concerned the longevity claims of effectiveness – up to 24 hours for the Zoono Hand Sanitiser and up to 30 days for the Zoono Surface Sanitiser. It is important to state that these were not misdescription. Highly professional laboratory tests have confirmed that such efficacy and longevity does exist. As will be appreciated, these issues focused rather on whether, unless clarified, some users may become complacent and rely on the full longevity potential without pursuing absolute best practice cleaning protocols as advised by Zoono.

Scientifically proven, longer lasting

To resolve the issues, Zoono is to relabel, using the terms ‘scientifically proven’ and ‘longer lasting’ with explanations as to how the products can be accurately compared to ‘traditional’ alcohol and bleach based products. In addition, the results of expertly conducted tests carried out both in stringent laboratory tests and in situ will be provided for clarification. Most importantly, Zoono will be putting greater emphasis on the recommended usage and cleaning protocols to ensure maximum protection is afforded.

Great case studies and more verified, useful information

The phrase ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ is often used to describe how it is real results and satisfaction that really demonstrate whether promised performance can be delivered. In our case, the proof of effectiveness really has been in the testing.  Additional laboratory tests have been carried out by respected authorities and businesses and the evidence of greatly improved safeguarding of health continues to mount. Over the coming days and weeks, Zoono will be releasing more information on real results and case studies which show how our products are performing against harmful, sometimes deadly pathogens.

United in an exceptional cause

Zoono products play a key part in health safeguarding, but it is the dedication and diligence of our customers and product users that will help win battles against harmful diseases. It is not just a question of the current crisis, it also applies to a wide range of microbial threats. The Zoono community understands the enhanced benefits of our products and the additional protection they afford. They know, too that there can be complacency with sanitising – that for example an alcohol based sanitiser might be effective for only a couple of minutes – and are making the extra effort to provide greater protection. Zoono firmly believes that it is the combination of our product effectiveness and best practice hygiene that will help win the day.

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